SEA League gives you 2 Heavyweights!

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized


After announcing the first qualifier, it is now time to introduce you to the teams who are participating in the SEA League Warm-Up Tournament. We have no less than the Thai sensational team MiTH.Trust and Pinoy Champions Pacific.Emaxxx.

Both teams are very skilled and famous heavyweights within the global scene, where both have achieved enormous victories and upset the western world with talent, creativity and hard work.

MiTH.Trust will arrive to the tournament as one of the most notable teams in Dota2. The Thailand representative is ready to show the region and also the world that they are the ones who want to claim the title for themselves.

Trai ‘MiTH.TrITNk’ Akaravinak (captain)
Nattapong ‘MiTH.TriR5r5’ Petkong
Pipat ‘MiTH.TriLakalz’ Prariyachat
Chanon ‘MiTH.TrIaaBbAA’ Chiwpreecha
Thakun ‘MiTH.TrItha-‘ Chalurnjun

Pacific.Emaxx will be one to represent the Philippines and have high hopes and expectations from the community, as they were the latest winner of SMM, which is one of the biggest DotA Allstars offline competitions. Their transition into Dota2 will not be an easy one, but their champion mentality will always carry the team to higher levels.

Richard ‘PacificNmaEMAXX’ Minowa
Carlo ‘PacificChnEMAXX’ Rivera
Jo ‘PacificHugEMAXX’ Tan
Mark ‘PacificBybEMAXX’ Gavin
Don Dancel ‘PacificDonEMAXX’ Apuad

Welcome MiTH.Trust and Pacific.Emaxx! Each day we will announce more teams who received direct invites. We are ready for the Clash of Titans, so should you be.

  1. will be ready for this XD

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