Qualifier 1 – Let the Games Begin!

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


The first Qualifier will start kicking off soon! 8 Teams will battle for the survival of the last two, as those will qualify for the tournament bracket which allows themselves to first-of-all measure themselves against Southeast Asia’s best Dota2 teams, but second-of-all have a shot in grabbing a piece of the prize money cake, which is set at a total of USD 1,500.

In the first Qualifier we will be having 8 teams to fight for their right to be called ‘pro’, and these teams are:

  • First Departure (Singapore)
  • Typhon (Malaysia)
  • NeoEs|G7 (Myanmar)
  • Neolution.Academy (Thailand)
  • Gangster (Philippines)
  • Ledion Dreamz (Philippines)
  • Mafia (Philippines)
  • Fulltilt (Philippines)

Superstars from Ledion.Dreamz have signed up for the challenge, as well as the Burmese underdog NeoES|G7, but every team will have a hard time qualifying as the bar of skill is set very high. The tournament is set to start on 26th January and the winners will be set in stone one day later.

Here the you can see the Grid for the upcoming tournament.

The League Administration wishes good luck to the participating teams and may the best team advance and give their best for the fans and supporters out there.

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